joi, 26 ianuarie 2012

Winter in Romania

          In Romania, winter is always taking the authorities by surprise: mayors, politicians, road authorities! For them, winter is a very rare phenomena, when something unbelievable happens: it snows! It snows, and the authorities don't expect such a thing! For this reason, hundreds of roads remain blocked, people suffer from cold weather and hungry, all kind of accidents happens and everything is in a desperate situation!
How is it possible that in 21'st Century, considering that we have only 2 Highways (which worth counted), to remain blocked and inaccessible? People had to skip one working day because the authorities were "taken by surprise"! Outside Romania, at first snow, all the equipments are employed, and they are working day and night for keeping the roads clean! Here, everybody complains that "we had strong winds"! Why only here is this happening? Only here it's winter? We are paying hundreds of millions of Euro to some companies leaded by mafia people related to politicians, and they are incapable to cope with requirements. On the other hand, they collect huge amount of money, no matter if they are working or not!  Who is to blame for that? The blame lies on scuristo-communists scams that occupy warm seats in the government, which make under-covered deals with "asphalt kings" and that  collect huge commissions!
          For nothing are hundreds Romanians protesting against communist from the government! Their lack of common sense and wish to steal something, when is still possible, is huge! They don't want to let go the chop, not even dead! This "people" (if we can call them that), this belly bastards hungry for power, knows only and nothing but only to spoil: for them-selfs, for their relatives, for their "connections"! They don't give a shit about us and they don't want to give up power!
They should be removed by force and to fill all prisons with them with these scavengers!Incapacity, demagogy, plundering, lack of common sense and cowardliness are their main characteristics!
Since 22 years, communist are spoiling Romania and starve the population.
             Who believed that we got rid of communists and "securitate" was wrong! They will disappear only by physical death! Until then, they and their relatives will continue to plunder this country and they will keep doing their criminal businesses.

               Why is always happening that during the winter time we have hundreds of roads blocked?
Because "winter is not like summer", as it was said into a genius stroke by great Basescu!

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